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The mandate of LIBCAM is to provide capacity building initiatives in the areas of skills development, and encourage self-sustainable programs in the Liberian community, as well as the visible minority community through local networking and building of community support systems. LIBCAM promotes stable community activities rooted in peace,, and self-sufficiency to facilitate the growth and development of Liberian newcomers and the less privileged members in our community. As an organization.

LIBCAM hopes to achieve its mandate and upholds its values by:

1. Total support of the social and economic participation and inclusion of Black and visible minority


2. To provide an opportunity for vulnerable Black and visible minority youth’s to identify priority areas that will make them better citizens.


3. To fully engage with other African communities to exchange ideas on cultures and traditions; and find a common ground to coexist.


4. To promote the wellbeing of its members. And to seek avenues that will improve the standard of living of members. 


5. To encourage members, especially the youths, to pursue higher education, and find a suitable career path that will make them independent,  and self-sufficiency.


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